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Arriving in Israel

Valid Passport:

When visiting Israel you must hold a valid passport for at least six months from the date you depart your origin. All people in your party must hold a passport in their name. People with no nationality must have a ‘laissez passer’ as well as a visa back to the country of origin.

Visitors are entitled to stay for a period of up to three months from date of entry and in accordance with the conditions of the visa issued to them.
In case you are continuing your travels from Israel to an Arab country it is recommended that you request not to have your passport stamped when entering Israel.

Valid Visa:

Israel has a Visa Waiver program with many countries which allow visitors with citizenship of these countries to enter Israel without a Visa. When planning your trip to Israel it is highly recommended to visit Israels Foreign Ministry website and get an updated list of countries which do not require a visa to Israel, as well as those which require a visa.

Ben-Gurion Airport

Ben Gurion Airport is Israel’s main International Airport, most international flights arrive and depart from here. Ben Gurion is located at Lod on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, it is approximately 20 minutes drive from Tel Aviv and about 40 Minutes from Jerusalem. There are other small regional airports scattered throughout the country such as Ovda and Eilat Airports. After landing and passing through immigration and security, you’ll proceed into the arrivals hall for baggage claim. In the Arrivals hall there is a tourist office and a hotel reservations desk which can help with any questions you may have. Once you pass through this hall, you go through Customs and enter the main terminal. In the main terminal there are shops and cafes, currency exchange, car rental desks, taxi service and airport transportation services. Outside the arrivals hall you will find the train station to Tel Aviv and well as taxis and sherut (shared taxis) taxis.

Ovda Airport:

Ovdais a military and civilian airport located in the south of the country, about 60km from Eilat and approximately 150 km from the Dead Sea Sothern Basin (Hotels area). It is the country’s second international airport.
Ovda Airport is served by seven international carriers and three domestic airlines, serving several destinations in Europe and Israel.
Taxi service from Ovda international airport:

  • King avid Taxis – 08 6333338
  • Taba Taxis – 08 6333339
  • Sivan Taxis – 08 6330444
  • 10 Taxis – 08 6334141
  • Eilat Taxis – 08 6316999
  • Chakmon Taxis – 08 6338181

Prices may vary from company to company. It is recommended to arrange transportation before arriving in Ovda Airport if not travelling with a organized tour, however many taxi companies will have taxis waiting outside arrivals hall when flights land in order to accompany travelers needs of transportation.