Dear Business owner, if you have a business at the Dead Sea and you would like to have it published at DEADSEA.COM we will be happy to help, our portal is free to advertise and is dedicated to a great truism experience, so as long as you meet our criteria we will upload your location quickly and its free!.
What you need to provide us with in order for your information to be uploaded:

  • Detail description about your business
  • Services provided (if it’s a service business) at your business (such as dining, lodging, spa and others)
  • Exact Geographical location of your business
  • Images of your business (A minimum of 2 images is required * you must be the owner of the image rights)
  • If you have a video of your business sent it as well
  • Phone number , email address as well as business hours for your business
  • Authorization for to use your information freely online to display your business
  • Payment methods
  • Spoken languages at your business

Please note, before uploading the information one of our dedicated DEADSEA.COM representatives will schedule a meeting at your business location to verify the information provided as well as to insure that your business is a suitable tourist attraction.
There is no fee associated with the publication.
Please send us the information to : [email protected]