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What are symptoms and signs of scalp psoriasis?

This disease appear as a small bump in form of a papule surmounted by scale. When these bump combine, some kind of plague is formed. This plague is characterized by excessive layers or horny skin that is presented as silvery scale. When this scale shed off, it appears as dandruffs.  The shedding and scaling of these layers can be quite unsightly and profuse. Many people scratch these plagues when they start to feel the itching or impulse. This is actually not a good idea because of a phenomenon called Koebner. Sometime this phenomenon is known as isomorphic response or koebner response.

Koebner response is a peculiar predisposition of psoriasis that normally develops in trauma areas. Be careful here not to confuse seborrheic dermatitis to psoriasis. Both of these conditions can itch and produce excess scale. You can use natural remedies to overcome psoriasis. These products are readily available in most online sites and can be readily shipped to your place.

There is no question, that scalp psoriasis is actually a stressful experience. You can fight the disease using natural remedies that are available our store,

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