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How to overcome Chapped Lips


A lip is the most delicate part of our body.  You are therefore required to take the greatest care to prevent them from chapping. Below are some of the tricks you would use to prevent them from chapping.

Hydrate-Our body needs to be hydrated all the time. Water is important in the body and can protect lips from chapping. Drink several glasses of water per day and wait to see this problem get away.

Protect and treat them right-Apply natural lip balm oil to your lips every time you realize that they are drying up. This oil can protect your lips from chapping, and can also help treat the symptoms of chapped lips without going for treatment.

Keep your nose clean-chocked or closed nose is a big problem to many people. When this happen, there is a possibility of your lips chapping. This is because most time you use your mouth to breath and the air that pass through your mouth can make your lips to dry up.

If the above measures do not solve this problem, consult your doctor or go for quick diagnosis for quick treatment.


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