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Why is it Important to eat vegetables and fruit?

Eating fruits and vegetables provide health benefits to your body. People who eat more vegetables and fruits are less likely to be affected by certain diseases more so those that are chronic. Fruits and vegetables also provide some vital nutrients which help in maintaining our body. You can read the overall benefits of eating these two important components of diet below.

Health Benefits include:

  1. Eating diet that contain fruits and vegetables reduce the risk of developing heart diseases including stroke and heart attack.
  2. A diet that contains mainly fruits and vegetables may help you a lot in dealing with some type of cancer.
  3. Fiber from fruits and vegetables help in reducing obesity, type 2-diabetes and reduce the risk of heart attack.
  4. Eating fruits and vegetables that contain potassium may lower your body blood pressure, decrease bone loss and reduce the risk of developing kidney stones.

Even if vegetables and fruits are not your favorite foods, try as much as possible to include them in your diet.