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How to Cure Acne naturally

Below are the best ways to cure your acne naturally without any hassle.

Avocado juice- avocado juice is known to contain many nutrients that are good in repairing damaged skin. Use a glass of avocado juice twice a day until your acne disappears.

Slices of Watermelon- eat tow slices of watermelon daily. Watermelon contains fresh nutrients that prevent and control acne. This fruit will help treat your acne symptoms completely.

Have enough sleep- sleeping for several hours can cure your acne symptoms. Sleep at least 8 hours during the night. Sleep will make your skin to relax hence helping a lot in body regeneration.  Refrain from engaging yourself in silly activities during sleep hours.

Regular body cleaning-ensure that your body is clean always.  Wash your face every morning when you wake up. Ensure that the environment that you are in is conducive.

Drinking Mineral Water- Drink more water in the right time. Water has so many health benefits in the body. It will not only help hydrate your body, but can also help remove more wastes from your face through sweating. Remember acne occur due to accumulation of wastes in your skin.

Aya Natural Youth CreamDeveloped for greasy skin, especially for young problematic skins. Rich in vitamins, tea tree oil and essential fatty acids.