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Where is the Dead Sea Located?

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Many people ask the question, where is the Dead Sea located; Right in between Israel and Jordan, and is very far below sea level, which causes it to have a few interesting characteristics. The lake is incredibly salty, very deep, not to mention full of different chemical compounds, and this all stems from its natural geography.


So where is the Dead Sea located EXACTLY? The absolute location of the Dead Sea between Israel and Jordan is 31 degrees North latitude, 35 degrees East longitude. It’s also about 42 miles long and 11 miles wide, which is actually quite small for a sea however the sea is incredibly deep, the maximum depth of the lake is about 1,237 feet deep! The lake’s primary source of water comes from the Jordan River, which is roughly 156 miles long and flows into the Dead Sea. Possible formation of the Dead Sea is due to the Dead Sea Transform, if one was to look on a map they’d find the Dead Sea is located between two tectonic plates moving roughly the same speed, though the one in front is moving slightly faster, and that is a potential cause of its formation. Where is the Dead Sea Located; right in-between two countries, and also two huge tectonic plates!


Its unique climate causes the Dead Sea to have a very particular climate; it’s mostly dry and sunny, only average of 4 inches of rain per year. Because of its incredibly low elevation the sea has a very high atmospheric pressure, that is, the air you’d breath while there would feel very thick and heavy. The highest recorded temperature at the Dead Sea is almost 117 degrees Fahrenheit with an all-time low temperature of almost 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Average temperatures are a bit milder, ranging between 71-87 degrees Fahrenheit. This is due to the fact water has a very high specific heat, meaning during the cool seasons, the water is relatively more warm than the land, causing the air/land to warm up, and vice versa for the hot seasons. However, recently the water levels in the Dead Sea have been declining; the lack of rainfall doesn’t help the situation. Where is the Dead Sea located; in a dry hot climate.

Problems with Declining Water Levels

Over the past 36 years, The Dead Sea has experienced a loss of 72 feet of water, and is currently losing water at a rate of 3 feet per year. Environmentalists are looking at companies which use canals and other methods of extracting the minerals out of the water as the cause for its decline, but the actual reason is unknown. However, they are pushing for the preservation of the Dead Sea; one suggested method would be to increase the flow of water in Jordan River. Hopefully this method would increase the water levels to a point the Dead Sea won’t die itself. Lastly, where is the Dead Sea located? In an incredibly unique area and climate which interests a wide range of people.