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Swimming in the Dead Sea

Many tourists are encouraged to swim in the Dead Sea. However, rather than actually swimming in the Dead Sea, it is more like floating. The high salinity level allows the body to float comfortably on the surface of the water, creating a relaxing and enjoyable experience. A person who steps forward into the sea immediately begins to feel weightless, which is why so many Dead Sea swimmers report the benefits of floating. It can bring relief to the aches and pains associated with arthritis and other such ailments that often affect the body. There are no flotation devices needed, even for those who are unable to swim well.

Is it Safe?

Swimming in the Dead Sea is perfectly safe as there is never any worry about sharks, jelly fish or other aquatic predators. That is because the salinity level makes it impossible for life to survive in the sea. Other than a few microbial algae and bacteria, there is no life in the sea, hence the reason it is called the Dead Sea. Swimmers can enjoy the comfort and relaxation of the water without worry of being attacked by a shark or other such aquatic predator, which is why the sea is so popular among tourists.


Yet another reason people prefer swimming in the Dead Sea is that it provides cleanliness. With such a high level of salt, the water is both refreshing and clean. It is also a cleansing feeling for the mind, body, and soul. A person can feel relaxed, which allow their stress to melt away. The sea is often highly sought after by individuals suffering a number of physical ailments. They can ease the daily pain that they feel. Additionally, the high salt content can make the skin feel smooth, rejuvenated, and much cleaner than usual.

From the moment you enter the sea, you will understand why there is actually no such as thing as swimming in the Dead Sea. From the minute you set foot in the water, all you have to do is set your bottom down as though you are getting ready to sit. Your feet and shoulder will rise above the surface in the water so that it feels as though you are floating on a flotation device, even though you are not using one. It may take some time to get used to the feeling but once you do, it is one of the most comforting experiences. Since the sea is made up of approximately 30% salt, you do not have to be a fantastic swimmer to enjoy floating in the Dead Sea.