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Map of Dead Sea

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Dead Sea (also called Sea of Salt) is located in the east of Jordan and at the West Bank of Israel. It is named as the Dead Sea because it comprises of 80% salt and is regarded saltiest than the oceans of the world. Because of the saltiness factor, no life can survive in it. No plants and animals are there in the sea; therefore it has been given the name of The Dead Sea.

Dead Sea is basically the lowest elevation on the entire Earth. Because of its unique attributes, its name is included in the list of the seven wonders of the earth.

According to the map of Dead Sea, It passes through the East Anatolian Fault located in Turkey and ends at the southern end of Sinai. Jordan River is the main territory of the Dead Sea; therefore, we can say that Dead Sea is located in the Jordan River Valley.

Map of Dead Sea exhibits that Judean Hills are located in the west of the Dead Sea, whereas Mount Sodom is located in the southwestern part of the sea. The West Bank of the sea is distributed between Israel and Palestine. The total are of the Dead Sea is 423 meters including the surface and its shores and it is 377 meter deep.

People from Amman, Jordan and Mediterranean area come to explore the interesting surrounding areas by using the map of Dead Sea. Following are some areas of interests which are usually found around the Dead Sea:
• Masada- A famous mountain fortress which is very interesting from archeological point of view. People from Israel and Jordan visit this place to explore the historical facts of the Dead Sea and its surrounding areas.
• Qumran is another mesmerizing point which is located near the caves of the Dead Sea. This place was found in 1947 and 1956, when the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered.
• The best view of the Dead Sea can be seen from Metzole Dragot.
• Mountain Sodom is among the major attractions of the Dead Sea. This mountain is completely made up of salt, and is therefore very easy to break. Some parts of the mountain are broken as well. People call the broken parts of this salt mountain with various historical names as well.
• Ein Gedi is an excellent place which has been specifically discovered for hiking purposes. People get a lovely shady area in this place to rest as well. This is among the best tourist attraction of the Dead Sea.

You can find various places of attraction using the map of Dead Sea. If you are planning on a trip to this place, then get yourself an appropriate map of Dead Sea, and you will definitely get a clearer version of the entire site.