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Dead Sea Premier

Dead Sea Premier offers products that use the therapeutic minerals of the Dead Sea along with progressive scientific discoveries to provide effective and deluxe skin care to customers. The products have been developed by experts specializing in the biological nature of the skin, with the help of space dermatologists and chemistry professors. The key to Dead Sea Premier products is combining necessary ingredients for skin renewal with liposome complex prepared especially for rebuilding skin cells to give more effective results. A combination of nature and technology bring out the desired results with the use of the products.

The products featured range from facial, body, nails and eyes, for men and women to use for whatever results they want to achieve.

Anti-Ageing Products: These products range from $500-$2,000 with a variety of BIOX Intensive Age Treatment Creams, Eye Cream Gels, Intensive Age Treatment Serum and Thermal Beauty Mask. This range of products also features a complete BIOX set with all things combined for the ultimate anti-ageing effects. They also have a Dead Sea Skin Care Package with all the essentials for a complete treatment with every possible product for anti-ageing.

Daily Skin Care: This range of products offers a wide variety of products from body lotions, soaps, gels, masks to cleansers and toners. The products range from $17 to $2000. Luxury items include facial cleanser, foot cream, hand cream, moisture cream and much more. The more natural and mineral Dead Sea Premier products consist of Mud and Seaweed and Honey Mask, Dead Sea Minerals 3 as well as Beta-Carotene and Seaweed Mask.

Problematic Skin: Dead Sea Premier also offers products for acne, dark spots or psoriasis. These products include Dead Sea Aromatic Minerals Treatment Scrubs and Masks, Dead Sea Remedy Salt Scrub for Joints, Para-Pharmaceutical Cream and Gels as well as combo creams for problematic skin. This range varies from $20-$400.

Prevention: This beauty regimen is for people hoping to achieve the perfect youthful complexion without ageing lines and wrinkles. The products offered here are eye creams to facial masks and serums for day and night usage. The price range of these products varies from $100-$500.

Cell Renewal: This line is for ageless beauty to renew the cells and prevent ageing. The Ageless Future Cell Renewal Set consists of the Cream, Serum and Detoxifying mask for approximately $1800 and these products can be bought individually as well. It also consists of the Moisturizing Cream Complex ($150) and Emulsion ($100) as well as a Deep Wrinkle Filler ($500).

Lifting and Firming: This range provides a more lifted and firmer look to the skin with a Premium Facial Lift Kit for approximately $1000 and other eyes, neck and facial care products ranging from $100 to $600.

Cleansers and Toners: Skin toners for normal to dry skin, milk cleanser for all skin types and an oily skin combo set, this range has all sorts of cleansers and toners for various skin types at a range of $20-$400.